Tech Services: Plan Review

General Comments:

This form must be filled out and sent with the plans. If you are unsure of any information please default to either the distributor or the Regional manager in your area. The Plans will not be reviewed without completion of this form. The plans will be sent back to sender upon request.


The minimum square footage for a plan review is 5000 square feet. Parex USA will review plans on only commercial projects and residential homes over 5000 sq ft.


Do's and Dont's:

Parex USA does check terminations, flashings, kickouts, slopes, reveals.
Parex USA does specification reviews.
Parex USA does dew point analysis upon request.
Parex USA does recommend where expansion joints may not be needed.
Parex USA doesn't do shop drawings.
Parex USA doesn't recommend where to put expansion or control joints.
Parex USA doesn't talk about warranty in the Plan review.


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